Chair Covers by Mary Grace uses quality fabric and provides exceptional service. I also provide my customers with honest advice that I believe is not only a key benefit to my company and my clients, but appreciated by customers.

Things to Think About:

Most important: See the chair cover!
Whether in person or by picture, know what you're getting priced on. It's amazing what customers don't compare just to save a little. Just like choosing a rose over a carnation, you want to get your monies worth. Sometimes spending a little more for a better product is beneficial in the end. If you're not happy with the finished product, (and trust me, day of the event is too late,) you'll regret being finicky.

Rent chair covers that are clean and pressed.
Chair Covers should be washed and pressed after each event. In most cases, chair covers that are offered at a low rate are usually being re-used throughout the weekend or sometimes even throughout the month. Our chair covers are washed and pressed after each event.

Rent a chair cover that fits the chair.
There are many style chairs! Verify the type of chair and order chair covers that fit correctly. Our chair covers are professionally sewn with the highest of standards. You won't get a baggy cover that looks like a potato sack, and the bottom is hemmed for a finished, polished look. Other extra steps are taken to offer you a quality product.

Remember to have fun!

Referrals are great.
If you would like referrals for our company, that's available. If you would like a referral for other vendors such as florists, bakeries, etc., we have great resources for the South Bay area and surrounding counties.

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