Chair Covers by Mary Grace is well known throughout Southern California for the most exceptional service and the finest quality of product. Our chair covers are exclusively designed to offer that "elegant finishing touch" to your wedding or special event.

Mary Grace Lorenzetti designed and created custom chair covers for her own wedding and received so many requests from new brides-to-be that, in 1998, she decided to start a business manufacturing and renting chair covers for weddings and other special events.

Other companies have attempted to recreate the look; however, only Chair Covers by Mary Grace offers the quality and consistency you expect and deserve.

Chair Covers by Mary Grace accomplishes this by:

using only the best quality fabric

washing and pressing all chair covers after every event

ensuring that there is a uniform appearance throughout
so that the look is perfect every time.

Whether delivered or shipped, our trained staff will efficiently and professionally handle all of your chair cover needs.

Here's what one client recently wrote about Chair Covers by Mary Grace:

"Just a quick informal note to say thank you for the chair covers! They totally trasformed the room from basic to gorgeous. We were blown away when we arrived at our reception. I will be recommending your company to all my friends. A more formal letter will arrive shortly. I was just looking at pictures and can't believe what a difference your covers made. Thank you again!"
Tara (Little) Banjanin


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